Red vs. Blue Episode
"This One Goes to Eleven"
Episode no. 10
Airdate June 21, 2010
Running time 7:11

Red vs. Blue Revelation
April 1, 2010 - September 13, 2010

  1. For Those of You Just Joining Us
  2. Drink Your Ovaltine
  3. Upon Further Review
  4. Recovering One
  5. Fourth And Twenty
  6. Towing Package
  7. And Don't Call Me Shirley
  8. Perusing The Archive
  9. Backup Plans
  10. This One Goes to Eleven
  11. Restraining Orders
  12. Snooze Button
  13. Battle of the Exes
  14. Reconfiguration
  15. Check Your Local Listings
  16. Standardized Testing
  17. Tenth Percentile
  18. Rally Cap
  19. Reunion
  20. n+1

This One Goes to Eleven is the tenth episode of Red vs. Blue: Revelation and the 163rd episode overall. The episode aired on June 21, 2010.


F.I.L.S.S. starts to sound the alarms stating there is a security breach on level 'Alpha.' Tex soon chases the Reds out of the base and starts to beat up the Reds (notably focusing on Grif and his balls) while Simmons is separated from the group. Simmons runs to Caboose,
EP10 Screenshot

Tex is back, and she's making up for lost time

who is in a control room, and tells him that he needs a bigger
Protect me cone!


weapon; Caboose presses random buttons until several rocket launchers fall down to Simmons. Simmons then runs into Tucker and recruits him to help distract Tex. Meanwhile, Sarge and Grif are getting beaten up by Tex, until Tucker pulls out his sword and draws Tex's attention. However Caboose accidentally "saves" Tucker by dropping a crate in between him and Tex, causing Tucker to yell at Caboose for fucking up the distraction. Tex then notices Simmons, who fires a rocket at her, but she throws a teleporter door at the rocket, redirecting it back at Simmons.
File:Knocked the black right off you.jpg
Soon Tucker, Simmons, Grif and Sarge group together to fight Tex as Caboose still tries to find ways to "help" them out while in the safety of the control room. After some major ass-kickery, Tex ends up throwing everyone, but Tucker, to the other side of the room where Caboose then attempts to drop a crate on top of Tex. After Tucker dives out of the way, Tex catches the crate and throws it at Tucker and the Reds. Tucker is able to slice the crate in half with his sword, missing himself, but Grif and Simmons are hit by the two halves and Sarge is buried under Med Packs that spill from them.
File:Screen shot 2010-11-26 at 10.43.29 AM.png

After Tucker attempts to fight Tex one-on-one, his sword is stripped from him and he repeatedly gets thrown into teleporters, slowly getting black stuff all over his armor. Sarge and Grif think he is Tex and begin attacking him. Simmons points out that it's Tucker, but Sarge hits him one more time because of a "force of habit". Realizing that the rocket launcher is an older model, Simmons attempts to shoot Tex with the launcher's heat-seeking feature, but can't tell Tucker and Tex apart (at this point Tucker shouts "Aim for the one who's winning dumbass!"). Tex then punches Tucker and the black stuff comes right off, making it easier for Simmons to find a target. After Simmons fires a rocket at Tex, she preforms some acrobatics in order to avoid being hit by the missile that is chasing her, running through teleporters to redirect it at her opponents. Tucker and the Reds get caught in the resulting explosion, propelling them across the room. After they are down for the count, Tex gets hit in the head by Epsilon's moniter body and a voice tells her to pick on someone her own size; it is Epsilon-Church in a new body and armed with a sniper rifle.


Red TeamEdit

Blue TeamEdit



The whole episode is one giant fight scene. Just go with it
FILSS: Alarm, security breech, level Alpha. All personnel report for duty. This is not a drill.
Fade in to the Reds running from Tex, and Caboose in a control room overlooking it
Simmons: Run!
Grif: Oh crap! Where is she?
Simmons: I don't wanna die!
Caboose: Sheila, we have to help them.
FILSS: Help who?
Caboose: The Reds! Tex is attacking them, we have to stop her.
FILSS: Stop Agent Texas? Oh no, absolutely not. We should never interfere with an ongoing battlefield simulation test. Our job is to observe and document.
Caboose: But she'll kill them.
FILSS: Oh, that would be wonderful! What a successful test.
Sarge: We need to keep moving, men. Come on, double-time. Hell I'd settle for single-time.
Simmons: Maybe we should just fight. I'm afraid she's gonna start picking us off one by-
Tex punches through the wall Simmons is standing next to and slams his face into it
Simmons: -one!
And the battle begins
Simmons: Oh man, forget this. I need to get a bigger weapon. Caboose, help us!
Caboose: How? The computer won't let me. She's mean! This place is filled with mean ladies.
Simmons: Push some buttons, I don't know!
Caboose: Buttons!? Oh man, I love buttons! Beep bup bup boop beep bup boop.
A crate of large weapons tips over and drops them next to Simmons
Simmons: Wow. That actually worked perfectly. Thanks!
Caboose: Great! How the heck did I do that?
Grif: Ow!
Tucker: Hey Simmons, what the hell is going on in there?
Simmons: You gotta help us! Do you know how to use that thing?
Tucker: My sword? Fuck yeah I know how to use it. What's to understand about swish-swish-stab? It's a fuckin' sword dude, it's not a fighter jet.
Simmons: Just come and help me.
Tex kicks Sarge's and Grif's ass a little
Grif: Wait wait wait-
Tex hits Grif really, really hard in the dick, then kicks him across the room, where a teleporter falls on him and he pops out another one
Grif: O-ho o-ho.
Tucker: Hey Sweet Cheeks! Remember me? Step away from the idiot!
Simmons: Oh God, please don't let her see me.
A huge crate falls between Tex and Tucker
Caboose: Yes! I saved Tucker! Oh wait... I saved Tucker.
Tucker: Caboose, what're you doing? You're messing up my plan with Simmons. I was supposed to distract her for him.
Simmons: You ratted me out, you son of a bitch!
Simmons fires a rocket at Tex, who tosses a teleporter at it, making it come out another teleporter, launching Simmons into the first one, so he comes out the second one to be tossed by Tex into Tucker
Simmons: Oh shit! Oh shit!
Tucker: That was awesom- ow!
Caboose: Um, can we use turrets on her or, some explodey firey thing?
FILSS: That would be outside the bounds of my standard safety protocols. I cannot do that.
Grif: What do we do Sarge?
Sarge: I don't know, I've never hit a girl in my life.
Simmons: Yeah, I noticed. Try harder!
Grif: Hah!
The fight is rejoined, with Simmons eventually knocking Grif into Tex's foot, dick first
Grif: Ha-how!
Simmons: Oh no, Grif!
Grif: Yipe!
Tex tries to shoot Grif in the face with a shotgun, but it's out of ammo
Sarge: Private Grif, you should be ashamed of yourself. We've run out of ammo again! That's your responsibility!
Grif: Huh. I guess this is the first time my laziness has ever saved my-
Tex steps on Grif's chest
Grif: -life! Protect me cone!
Grif holds a construction cone over his face, and Tex hits him in the crotch with the shotgun, knocking him quite a distance into Simmons
Simmons: Watch it!
Grif: You watch it.
Sarge: You idiots, let me show you how it's done.
Tex punches Sarge in the face and knocks him back to Simmons and Grif
Grif: Nice demonstration Sarge.
Sarge: Ah shut up.
Simmons: Hey guys, look up there.
Tucker finally gets up, and sees a giant crate looming over himself and Tex
Tucker: Uhh, what? Hey Caboose! Remember when I said not to help me? Forget that, I need you to help me. Right now!
Caboose: What holds up that crate?
FILSS: Mechanical controls are on the left side of the console.
The crate drops, Tucker dives out of the way, Tex catches the crate
Tucker: I can't believe that worked! ...Aw fuck, that didn't work!
FILSS: I knew that would not work. Agent Tex is a bit of a badass.
Tex throws the crate at the Reds and Tucker
Grif: We gotta get outta here!
Simmons: We'll be crushed!
Tucker: Don't worry guys, I got this. SWISH!
Tucker splits the crate with his sword, and the two halves go to either side of the Reds, covering them in medpacks
Grif: Ow! We're crushed.
Tucker: Aw fuckberries. Tex, can you- oh!
Tex kicks Tucker in the chest
Tucker: Alright, you know what, that's it. Come here.
Simmons: Oh thank God, thought I was a goner. Sarge, where are you?
Sarge pops up out of a pile of medpacks
Sarge: Rrr, what happened? I feel defeated, yet inexplicably rejuvinated.
Tucker and Tex "fight"
Tucker: Swish-fuck! Swoosh-fah! Ah, stab- God dammit! Gah! Oh come on. O-aow, bullshit!
Tex kicks Tucker through the teleporter
Grif: Whoa, did you see that?
Simmons: How would I have missed that?
Tucker emerges from a teleporter into Tex's grip, Tex grabs the sword, and the sword goes out
Tucker: What's the matter Tex, you having trouble keeping it up? Don't worry, it happens to everybody. Well, not me but...
Sarge: That rocket launcher's one of the older models, right?
Tucker: Ow! Ow! Ahow!
Simmons: Yeah.
Sarge: That means it's got heat seeking.
Tucker: I didn't know that was there!
Sarge: Now lock on and let her rip!
Simmons: Oh right, I forgot about that.
Tucker: Ow, holy crap, you just don't know how to use it-
Tucker flies through a teleporter, emerging completely black again
Tucker: -bitch! Dammit I hate this black stuff, what the hell is it?
Grif: There she is!
Tucker: Huh?
Sarge: Get her!
Simmons: Wait, guys...
Sarge and Grif start beating on Tucker
Tucker: Ow, come on! I'm not Tex I'm a Blue. I'm not the one you're fighting. Leave me the fuck alone!
Grif: She kicks hard.
Sarge gets Tucker in a headlock and punches the top of his head a bunch
Tucker: Why are you hitting me, I'm not Tex.
Simmons: Sarge, hold on, hold on!
Sarge: Hm?
Simmons: I think that's Tucker, not Tex.
Tucker: See I told you! Ow-
Another punch
Tucker: -ow you fucker! Why'd you do that?
Sarge: Meh, force o' habit.
Tucker: Man you guys are n-ah-
Tucker, staggering backwards, trips over a medpack and into Grif, and they end up leaning against each other on either end of a teleporter on the ground
Grif: Hey, watch it- whoa-
Tucker: Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa-
Grif: Don't fall in the-
Tex looks at it from the adjoining teleporter
Grif: Hold still hold stil, I can see her. She's right over there by the other-
Tex puts her head through the teleporter and emerges beneath Tucker and Grif
Grif: Uh oh.
Tucker: Grif, I see her.
Tex punches Grif in the dick, and he falls into the teleporter, leaving Tucker off-balance
Grif: What is your problem with my balls?
Tucker: Whoa, who-whoa, hawhoa! Aw crap.
Tucker falls through the teleporter and backs into Tex, who suplexes him and goes for the mount and starts punching him
Tucker: O-ho, wow, right into the mount, huh? O-hoa, not even gonna buy dinner? Come on, I like your style.
Sarge: Simmons, what're you waiting for?
Simmons: They look the same, which one do I shoot?
Tucker: Ahow, shoot the one who's winning dumbass!
Grif: Ow.
Grif, cradling his balls, staggers into the line of fire
Simmons: Grif! Watch it!
Grif: Uh-huh-huh.
Tex knocks Tucker into Grif, then punches him into the ground so hard the black stuff flies off his armor as he slides back to the Reds
Tucker: Ahoww, ow.
Sarge: Wow, knocked the black right off ya.
Tucker: That's racist.
Sarge: You're all clear Simmons, now shoot her!
Simmons: Fire in the hole!
Simmons fires at Tex, who does some teleporter acrobatics and gets the missile chasing her back toward the Reds
Tucker: Are you fucking kidding me? Run!
After they all bump into each other, Tex knocks down Tucker, Sarge and Simmons with a single punch, and slides between Grif's legs
Grif: Oh God, not my ba-
The missile goes through his legs
Grif: Oh thank God. I thought I was-
Tex hops into the floor teleporter and the missile detonates just behind the teleporter
The explosion sends everyone flying, except Tex who looks like a badass. Sarge, Simmons and Tucker land, and Tex carefully positions a cement barricade so that Grif lands on it with his crotch- first, denting it
Grif: Ooaaah! Why won't you just kill me?
Church: Hey Tex!
The monitor robot Church has been living in since the middle of last season bounces off Tex's head and we see Church in a human built robot again
Church: How 'bout you pick on somebody your own size?


  • When Tex punched Tucker while he was covered in the black stuff, it was a strong enough punch to knock the stuff, probably soot because of it's dusty appearance, off of Tucker. When he rolled over to the Reds, this prompted Sarge to say, "Wow... She knocked the black right offa you!" This prompted Tucker to say, "That's racist!"
  • The genital attacks to Grif's nuts might also refer to The Blood Gulch Chronicles, but in the actual case of Grif really being "Numb Nuts".
  • There is a reference to the end of an episode of season two, where Grif forgets to bring spare ammo.
  • Almost the entire episode is animated with CGI.
  • Sarge referring to the rocket launcher as an older model which has heat seeking is a reference to Halo 2 where rockets could lock on to enemies (though only vehicles, not individual players), a feature removed in Halo 3. When Simmons is aiming the launcher, the heads up display from Halo 2 is superimposed on the screen.
  • The CG animation was done by Monty Oum of Haloid fame.
  • The title of the episode is a referance to the expression "going up to eleven", a phrase coined originally in the film This Is Spinal Tap which means to exploit something to its absolute full potential.
  • Tex made several attacks towards Grif's testicles, none of them friendly.
    • The first one, she rammed Sarge's head into them.
    • The second, she vertically punched them (instead of punching vertically at his chest, she did towards his balls) and then kicked him in them, sending him into a crate and causing a teleporter to fall on him (two attacks in one).
    • Third, she sent Simmons through four teleporters, and when he came through the fourth, he bumped into Grif (armed only with a traffic cone) ramming his 'nads into Tex's foot (she was already about to kick him) and she proceeded to stomp them into the ground.
    • Fourth, she used Sarge's shotgun like a golf club and smacked it against Grif's crotch, sending him into Simmons (he screamed "Protect me cone!" before the attack, and then rammed into Simmons telling him to "Watch it.")
    • Fifth, she saw Tucker (covered in a soot-like material) and Grif standing arced over a teleporter, trying not to fall in. She stick half of her body through one teleporter to reach that one, and socked Gif right in the crotch, prompting him to ask her, "What's your problem with my balls?" before falling into the teleporter.
    • Sixth, (by this time, Grif can barely walk) a propane tank gets Grif in the balls after a rocket went between his legs (because of all the attacks to his nuts he had suffered, he immediately thought the rocket was going to nail him straight in the balls) and caused a massive explosion behind him, sending rockets flying everywhere, hitting everyone but Tex. Lastly, while he was falling from the sky, Tex moved a concrete step barrier under where he was supposed to fall, causing him to land on top of it, and ask her, while squealing, "Why won't you just kill me?", making seven testicle-based attacks to Grif. This might be a reference to Bungie's favorite number being 7.


Red vs07:24

Red vs. Blue S8 Tex fights Reds and Blues in awesome action sequence

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