Sandtrap is a Halo 3 Multiplayer map featuring a temple and a square-shaped building surrounded by sand, a number of small rock features and several vehicles. It is currently being used to represent the dig site and mine field in Red vs. Blue: Recreation and Red vs. Blue: Revelation

Role in the plot Edit

C.T. becomes increasingly annoyed with the Blood Gulch gang, believing they are trying to learn more about the shady elicit activities of C.T., Smith, and 'the dig team' surrounding the temple. He lets the guys salvage the vehicles, but Caboose gets into trouble on the Elephant. The Temple opens when the dig team are at Caboose and Epsilon, and Tucker runs out and kills most of the dig team. C.T. runs off down the sand, and Tucker tells the gang to head for the Temple (the underground part of one base) In the temple, Caboose finds a Forerunner Monitor and puts the Epsilon AI into to it to reveal Epsilon-Church.

  • In Reconstruction, when Tucker calls command for help, he tells Grif, thinking he is a command officer, that what they're looking for is under the sand. It is likely that he was at Sandtrap when he made this call.
  • In Recreation, Sarge, Caboose and Grif all go on Epsilon's mission to find Tucker, and they arrive at Sandtrap. They drive into a minefield (the border of the map), and the driver of the Elephant tries to navigate them out of there. They crash their warthog into the Elephant and meet the driver, C.T..
  • In Revelation, the Reds are still in Sandtrap, where they call Simmons using the radio and find out what has happened at Valhalla. Tucker and Caboose are left there to deal with the aliens who are angered by the disappearence of Epsilon. Later, Washington, the Meta, and Doc follow Epsilon's trail to Sandtrap where they uncover the body of C.T. and kill the remaining aliens.

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