Red vs. Blue: ODST was created by Rooster Teeth Productions as a promotion for Halo 3: ODST. These bonus episodes where aired during Red vs. Blue's seventh season, Red vs. Blue: Recreation.

ODST Episode 1: Guys Like UsEdit

Main article: Guys Like Us It begins with the Red and Blue teams at one of their bases watching training videos (game play) of ODST's defeating enemy forces. The soldiers, besides Sarge and Private Church, think they got the wrong film.

ODST Episode 2: Aliens, Aliens, AliensEdit

Main article: Aliens, Aliens, Aliens This episode begins with Grif and Simmons talking about the film they saw when Church tells them they're gonna compete against real ODST's and Sgt. Johnson, much to their annoyance. Sarge shows up and tells the trio they got a scrimmage match to get ready when Simmons tells Sarge that Johnson is in the game, Sarge claims that he met Johnson at "Sargent school", which annoys the soldiers even more.

ODST Episode 3: The Man, The Myth, The LegendEdit

Main article: The Man, The Myth, The Legend Sarge, Grif, Simmions, and Church try on ODST outfits when Church tells stories of Sgt. Johnson, saying he took out an enemy battalion by himself, can't be killed, and that his friends cousin's neighbor told him that the Sgt. has laser eyes, which Church thinks is fake then makes bad analogies saying he could be anywhere. Right there, Johnson shows up, his eyes light up (Sarge advises not to look into the Sgt.'s eyes) and, off screen, fires a spartan laser.

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