Red vs. Blue Episode
"Part IV"
Episode no. 4
Airdate August 22, 2006
Running time 2:36

Red vs. Blue Out of Mind

  1. Out of Mind: Part I
  2. Out of Mind: Part II
  3. Out of Mind: Part III
  4. Out of Mind: Part IV
  5. Out of Mind: Part V

Part Four of Red vs. Blue: Out of Mind


Arriving back at Omega's base, Tex and York decide to enter after days without signs of anyone inhabiting the fortress. Delta informs York of concerns over Tex's elevated vital statistics, to which York explains that she is just tense, a part of being human. While York attempts to break a holographic lock in order to access a teleporter transmitting onto the base, Delta continues, and admits confusion towards York's motive for the mission. York explains that his eye was "broken" in an attempt to defeat Tex and Omega in the first place, which Delta understands to mean York is doing this for pride. As they are talking, it is revealed to the viewer that Wyoming is on top of the base, listening to their conversation.


Credits come in panning down a very tall building
Tex: Okay, I'm officially worried. There hasn't been any movement for days. It looks like they've bunkered down, or left.
York: Yep. What do you think, D?
Delta: If Omega is inside the building, we must enter to locate him. If he has already left, that building contains the only clues to his current location. In either scenario, we must-
York: Let's go.
York and Tex run along the desert plain toward the building
Tex: Okay then, stick to the plan. We split, maintain visual, no radios, movement on fours. Sync?
York: Synced.
Tex: Go.
York runs forward
Delta: (in his head) York, I am concerned. I have been monitoring Agent Texas, her vital statistics are well above normal.
York: I'm sure she's just tense, D.
Tex runs by
York: Okay? I am too, and I'm not fighting something that lived in my head for a few years.
Delta: (appearing and running too) Agree, but the anomoly is worth noting. Once we encounter the target her emotions may make her actions erratic.
York: What can I tell ya? Just one of the things that makes us human, D.
Delta: (catching up) Excellent point, York. I was not looking at it from a flawed perspective. I will try to do so in the future.
York: Well it sure would make these conversations easier. Thanks for coming down to my level, D.
Delta: I am here to assist.
Tex and York run in to the base and join up inside
Tex: No vis.
York: No vis.
Tex: There it is, bust the lock and this teleporter will take us up top.
York: Whoa whoa, you said an encrypted lock. This is aholographic lock.
Tex: Is there a difference?
York: Yeah, hence the two names.
Tex: So can you open it or not?
York: Of course I can! It's just much harder. I just brought it up 'cause I wanted you to realize how kick-ass I am.
Tex: I'm convinced, get to work.
Delta: (reappearing) York, why are we doing this? Killing Omega will not repair the damage he did to your optic nerve.
York: I'm not doin' it to fix my eye, D. I'm doin' it because my eye is broken.
Delta: I apologize, but that does not make sense to me.
York: Omega and Allison were always the best. Noonecould compete with them. Not me, not Wyoming not anybody. Trying to beat them when I should have given up is how I got hurt in the first place.
Delta: Oh, so it is pride. I was registering an emotion, but I incorrectly categorized it as "stupidity."
York: Yeah, they're closely related.


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