Pack Your Bags is the first Special Episode in the promotional series for Halo: Reach called the Red vs. Blue Reach Mini Series.


This episode begins with Caboose packing all of the Blue Teams items with Epsilon watching. Unknown to them Sarge, Simmons, and Grif are also watching them up on the hill. They all run back to red base so Sarge can show them a possible advantage for the Reds. The advantage turns out to be Halo Fest a website where you can pre order Halo: Reach, enter to win a life size spartan statue, and see the release date of the game. Sarge then tells the reds that instead of moving on Spetember 14th like they are supposed to they will move sooner. The Special Episode ends with Caboose still carrying a crate calling out the names of Church,Tucker, and Andy before claiming I hope theres no stairs.

Charaters Edit

Red TeamEdit

Blue TeamEdit


  • Andy(mentioned only)



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