Outpost 1-B, also known as Red Base (or Blood Gulch Outpost Number 1 in conversation) in Blood Gulch that serves the Red Army. Its outpost number 1-B designates it a Red Base, while Blue Bases have the letter A. Blood Gulch Outpost-1A is the main area and setting of Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles. The Blood Gulch Red Base and Blue Base are simple three-floor buildings with a basement, a main floor, and a roof. The basement has one door and what could only be described as a missing wall of a garage door. The main floor has a front door with a turret on the roof overhead, the back door is over the "missing wall", and the roof has two ramps on the outside of the base leading to it. The inside of the base is pretty standard. The bottom floor has plenty of space to hold a tank or basically whatever vehicle the team needs. It also has a Gravity Lift to the main floor. The main floor is just a room with some guns on the ground, and a hole that leads back down to the basement, seeing as the Gravity Lift is only one way. The roof, however, is only accessible from the outside, but has two turrets, and a teleporter. It also features a hole in the roof to let someone get into the base more quickly. In Red vs. Blue, it is implied that the base has more rooms, but the characters are never shown in said rooms.


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