Guys Like Us is the first Special Episode in the promotional series Red vs. Blue: ODST.


Guys Like Us begins with the Red and Blue teams at one of their bases watching training videos (game play) of ODST's defeating enemy forces. The soldiers, besides Sarge and Private Church, think they got the wrong film.


Fade in to everyone gathered at the bottom of a ramp
Sarge: Men, as you've probably heard, there's an all new Halo game coming out soon. Which means we're going to have a ton of new multiplayer matches to play.
Church: And the best part is, we may actually stand a chance in some of these matches. Noone has played Halo ODST yet, or the new Firefight Mode, so everybody's going to be at our incredibly lousy skill level.
Simmons: Yeheah-
Grif: Woohoo!
Simmons: Yeah, we suck!
Caboose: Finally someone for me.
Grif: It's about time.
Sarge: Yeah. And this time the game focuses on regularsoldiers, like us. Even more reason why we should finally be able to rack up some wins.
Church: Yep, that's right, we won't be posting our scores against you know who this time, it'll be just plain old Marines.
Grif: Woohoo!
Simmons: Yeah.
Grif: I can fight them.
Simmons: Yeah.
Grif: Griftastic.
Caboose: What's a Marine?
Sarge: Haha! Now in order to prepare for the launch, we're gonna be having some scrimmages, and watching some training films.
Caboose: I love movies! And scrimmages sound delicious.
Grif: You don't know what that word means, do you.
Caboose: No I don't.
Sarge: Alright then, let's roll the film. See who our 'competition' is, hya heh heh heh.
The film starts with some soldiers, and gets progressively more badass
Grif: Oh no, they look soo tough.
Simmons: Whohoa, are they gonna fight all those things?
Church and Sarge: ...
Grif: Uhm, so where's the movie with the regular soldiers?
Sarge: Euh, maybe I grabbed the wrong tape.
Simmons: Dude, I hope so.
Caboose: I'm scared. And I don't know why.



Red vs02:05

Red vs. Blue ODST Episode 01

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