Geoff Lazer Ramsey voices the character Grif. His character is part of the Red Team, and wears orange armor. His character is the only one from Red vs. Blue to have its own action figure, due to Grif inspiring the gametype Grifball. His character is frequently 'picked on' by some members of the Red Team, especially Sarge. Ramsey lives with his wife Griffon and his daughter, Millie, in Austin, Texas.

Along with voicing Grif on Red vs. Blue, Geoff also does many walkthroughs for Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth's guides for getting skill-based achievements along with Jack Pattillo. Ramsey is also used frequently in Rooster Teeth Comics (generally written by his wife, Griffon) and Rooster Teeth Shorts.

Geoff has starred also in Fails of the Weak, Achievement Horse and AHWU (Achievement Hunter Weekly Update).

Geoff's Xbox Live Account is DGgeoff.

His middle name, Lazer, originated when he applied to change his surname to that of his step-father. Upon application, he learned that it would not cost anything for him to change any of his other names at that time.

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