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Red vs. Blue Episode
"Gamer Etiquette"
Episode no. 9.5
Airdate August 22, 2011

Gamer Etiquette is the third PSA of Red vs. Blue: Season 9. It aired August 22, 2011.


Blue TeamEdit

Red TeamEdit


The PSA begins with Church and Sarge introducing themselves. Sarge then begins that gaming is different than it was back in his day, and when he does this an earthquake occurs. They then begin to talk about meeting people in a game, whether it be a random person or some friends at the couch. They begin to help you through the awkward times during such encounters. The first set of advice is a friend handing a controller to you. They describe that while doing this your heartrate will increase, thus increasing your body tempature causing you to sweat and turn your controller into a "steamy moist smuch factory". Their advice for this is to wear a set of fingerless gloves. They say this will avoid getting your hands covered in your friends hand slime which when said like that is gross. They then talk about two controllers on the Xbox saying that your friend will be nice, and give you the first controller, or mean, and give you the extra small controller made from some kind of plastic paper hybrid with four triggers and four game attachments. They then go on that even if the controllers are equally the same, you could still run into some awkward situations the worst one being where you prefer to have the normal settings on the controllers but that your friend prefers the inverted control scheme both times Sarge says something is wrong with those who don't prefer normal with Church telling him not to judge. They say that finding out that your friend prefers inverted can cause you to rethink everything you know about that person, how can they think in this backward manner, are they retarded, do I know anything about them at all!. Church says the important thing is to not react quickly as thats good for no one. They say to have you think about your friend and yourself and that you may come to the conclusion you've seen the world all wrong and that you prefer inverted. They then argue about inverted with Sarge saying you don't use it in Racing Games due to you not using up and down, which Church says would then make them flying games. Sarge then says they are stupid in FPS's as in real life you don't look down to look up, with Church saying you don't use a controller in real life. Sarge gets mad and calls Church a Blue so Church flips him off causing Sarge to ask why he didn't point his finger down, due to Church backing up Inverted throughout the PSA.


To be added.


  • All of the images shown are of Rooster Teeth members Kerry and Brandon.

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