File:Chairman with Washington.png
Name: Chairman
Affiliations: Oversight Subcommittee, a UNSC Maximum Security Detention Facility (formerly)
First Appearance: Reconstruction Chapter 1
Armor Color(s): Grey
Occupation(s): Chairman of the Oversight Subcommittee, Commanding Officer of a UNSC Maximum Facility Prison, UNSC
Weapon(s): NA
Voice Actor: Jack Lee

The Chairman of the Oversight Sub-Committee, along with the Director of Project Freelancer, are the two people who exchange messages during the beginning of each Reconstruction chapter. During the transmissions, it seems as though he has a short temper during tough situations. During the end, it seems he is fed up by what they found in the files about the Director and decided to place the Director under arrest. During Reconstruction he seems to question the Director's intelligence with the AIs by asking about the safety protocols. The Chairman reappears as the commanding officer of the UNSC Maximum Security Detention Facility in which Washington is being held in Recreation Chapter 9.

Like Wyoming the Chairman speaks in a somewhat British accent.

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