The Blues.

The Blue Team

The members of Blue Team are the enemies of the Reds.


Other Known Blues:


As it was recently discovered, both Blue and Red Teams were assigned as part of an experiment. The Blues were mostly the ones to advance the story in the series.

Blood GulchEdit

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Church is the Blood Gulch Blue team's self-appointed leader after the death of their leader, Captain Flowers. He is dirty-mouthed, often angry and very easily angered, especially by his own team members. Church uses a sniper rifle as his main weapon, despite being a terrible shot. In fact, Church hitting anything with a bullet is described by Washington as "unbelievable". During the events of Reconstruction, Church is revealed to be the Alpha.The only 3 people he hit were Caboose's toe with a pistol, Wyoming in the chest with a sniper file (Though Wyoming quickly distorted time, thereby ensuring it never "actually" happened) and the Meta's leg in an impossible sniper shot, although Washington said he did not call it.
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Tucker is juvenile, lazy about the war and increasingly obsessed with sex. Later in the Blood Gulch Chronicles, he gained the ability to hear something that can be viewed as a sexual joke from several miles away and may be black, but he offers no real answer when questioned about it.Tucker is also very long sighted, being able to see Donut from the Blue Base base without using a sniper rifle.

Caboose is the rookie for the blue team that starts off as stupid, but becomes more departed from reality as the seasons progressed. He has a deluded imagination, and often perceives reality far differently from the other characters. It is Caboose that most of the humour from Red vs Blue originates.

The last member of the Blood Gulch Blue team is Tex. Although actually a mercenary hired to help them in the war, she is considered a part of the team in most situations. She is described by all other characters as mean bitch which was helped on by the Project Freelancer. She was also a former girlfriend of Church.


  1. Tucker's rank is Private First Class according to his character profile on the Season 3 DVD

Blue Team
Leonard L. Church · Epsilon · Lavernius Tucker (9) · Michael J. Caboose (9) · Tex (ε) · Washington · Frank DuFresne · Butch Flowers · Sheila · Junior · Kaikaina Grif · Andy

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