Aliens, Aliens, Aliens is the 2nd Special Episode in the promotional series Red vs. Blue: ODST.


Aliens, Aliens, Aliens begins with Grif and Simmons talking about the film they saw when Church tells them they're gonna compete against real ODST's and Sgt. Johnson, much to their annoyance. Sarge shows up and tells the trio they got a scrimmage match to get ready when Simmons tells Sarge that Johnson is in the game, Sarge claims that he met Johnson at "Sergeant school", which annoys the soldiers even more.


Fade in to another badass training video, with aliens
Switch to people on Valhalla
Simmons: And did you see how many aliens there were?
Grif: A lot. Very many. Many, aliens.
Simmons: We're mulitplayer guys, we don't fight aliens, don't they undestand that? We're going from fighting zero aliens, to fighting every alien.
Grif: It was definitely a lot of aliens.
Church: Hey guys, I know you were disappointed about having to fight aliens, and about putting our scores up against the actual ODSTs.
Simmons: What?
More badass combat footage, intersperced throughout the video
Simmons: Oh man, I forgot about that part. I guess I blocked it out.
Church: Well, I have good news and bad news about other people that are gonna be in the game.
Simmons: What?
Church: Yeah, the bad news is that we're also going to have to put up our Firefight scores against Sergeant Johnson. People who preorder from GameStop can unlock him for Firefight.
Simmons: Sergeant Johnson? Noone told us that. There's no way we can compete now. What's the good news?
Church: Oh the good news isn't for us, it's for the people that preorder the game. You know, because of the Sergeant Johnson thing that I, just mentioned.
Simmons: Great.
Sarge: Men, it looks like I got us an early Scrimmage match in ODST. We'll get to do a little prep work before it's released. That'll give us a well deserved, unfair advantage.
Simmons: Hey Sarge, did you know that Sergeant Johnson is gonna be in this game too?
Sarge: What? He is?
Church: It's true.
Sarge: Sergeant Johnson, eh? I haven't spoken to him in years.
Church: You know him?
Sarge: I did. From my days back in Sergeant School.
Simmons: Is that even a real thing?
Sarge: Heh. I remember those years fondly. All those young Sergeants, so full of enthusiasm. Just bristling with anticipation at the thought of strangling their first Cadet. Of course not everyone made that cut. The coursework was quite challenging.
Simmons: Coursework? For Drill Sergeants?
Sarge: Absolutely. I majored in screaming! With a minor in Hoo-rah. And we all got to choose a mentor from the faculty. I chose, Sergeant Johnson.
Church: Sergeant Johnson was a college professor?
Sarge: Honorary professor. That man wrote a dissertation on asskicking that revolutionized the way we think about chokeholds. His chapter on ballkicking was reprinted in Vanity Fair.
Church: Why am I having a hard time believing this.
Sarge: His tutelage got me through some of my darkest hours at the Academy. Like the time I failed a drop and give me twenty test.
Church: What happened?
Sarge: I asked for the twenty, but forgot to tell 'em to drop! Ever seen an entire platoon of men doing pushups from a standing position? It ain't pretty.
Grif: None of it sounds good.
Sarge: Ah, well that's enough reminiscing. Let's get ready for our Scrimmage. Gear up, men.
Really, really badass combat footage
Church: Yeah, I have a feeling we're about to be taken to school as well.



Red vs03:16

Red vs. Blue ODST Episode 02

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