The Aliens are a group of religious Elites that worship the Forerunner artifacts in Sandtrap. It is unknown if or how the Aliens relate to Crunchbite and The Great Retriever.


When Caboose, Grif, and Sarge arrived at Sandtrap, they meet the Aliens' leader Smith and his human companion C.T. The Aliens and their human companions were posing as an alien/human joint research team. After the Aliens and their human companions were holding Caboose, Grif, and Sarge at gun point, Tucker attacked and rescued his old friends. They ran into the temple and sealed themselves in to hide. Later on, C.T.'s humans and Smith's Aliens infiltrate the temple and surround Sarge, Grif, Caboose, and Tucker. Epsilon-Church arives in his new Monitor body, so C.T ordered Jones to deactivate him, which he did. Angered by this, Smith ordered the Aliens to open fire on all the humans. After C.T. kidnapps Epsilon-Church, the Aliens chased him in a Prowler. C.T. rammed and destroyed the Prowler and knocking out Smith.


At the beggining of Revelation, the Aliens started following Epsilon-Church as if he is a religious prophet. When Epsilon-Church left with the Reds, the Aliens begun to attack Caboose. Epsilon-Church left a second time from Sandtrap, but this time, the Aliens attacked Tucker. After Tucker escaped, Washington, The Meta, and Doc arrivied. Using Doc as a translator, the Aliens were told to draw a map, which instead was a picture that said "Humen Suk" and "Shisno". The two ex-Freelancer Agents then kill all the Aliens.

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